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Skin Classic Treatment

Do you have skin irregularities (SI)?  Like small broken blood vessels, cherry angiomas (small red dots), hyperpigmentation, single or multiple soft yellowish lesions-small papules on the face (particularly nose, cheeks, and forehead) or skin tags?  This treatment potentially is a "one and done" to get rid of your SI's.  That is not to say something might not come back due to sun exposure, extreme temperatures, inconsistent skin care, etc.  Video for more info:


Lori and Kerry offer this service called Skin Classic Treatment. Skin Classic is a high frequency probe that does not penetrate the skin, only the skin irregularity.  It is not painful, but there is a "feeling".  The SI treated will discolor during treatment and within 7-14 days will slough off and potentially be gone. Skin can be slightly pinkish after, but that will diminish.  Depending on size and depth some SI’s might need a second treatment.


Who are good candidates?

-Those with the desire to improve their skin, in a progressive manner

-Those who will adhere strictly to post care instructions - like moisturizing and SPF

-Those who have realistic expectations


Who are not good candidates?

-Those who appear to be pickers

-Those who will not adhere to the post care       instructions



-Any dermatological disorders in the area treating.(itching, bleeding, dermatitis, etc)

-Pacemakers (ask MD as there is no grounding but to be on the safe side...ask)



-Accutane users...even after 6 months post meds.(must ask MD)


-Moles (Only Medical professionals)

-Any irregularity with a dermal blood supply...if not sure do not treat!

-Treating any flat hyperpigmentation larger than the size of an eraser.


Service Price: 

$40 for each single spot

$90 for all you can do in 15 minutes

$175 for all you can do in 30 minutes

$23 for numbing cream add on