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Annual Food Drive

Month of November only

Food Drive
Announcing our Annual Food Drive! In the month of November we'll be graciously accepting donations for the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. Please bring in donations of peanut butter, canned meals and boxed cereal to the front desk when you have a chance.

Year      Goal in pounds         Actual

                                       2019              200                                  278

                                       2020              300                                  310

                                          2021              325                                 523.2 

   2022             550                                   393

   2023 400 250
Please consider helping our local community in need this holiday season.

Third Drop Off
Our goal this year was 325 pounds and we had a whopping total in the 3 drop offs of 523.2 pounds of food donated to MCHPP (Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program)!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated this year! We far surpassed our goal and are humbled by all you've done.
Second Drop Off
Thank you so much to everyone who's donated so far!! We've surpassed our goal of 325 pounds this year with 389.4 pounds up until now!! There's a few more days to get your donations in until Tuesday November 30th. All items donated are going to help support the MCHPP (Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program)!! We're successful because of you!!
First Donation Drop Off
The first drop off of food donations for Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program was just over 225 pounds.....only 100 more pounds to go to reach our goal of 325 pounds donated!! Thank you to everyone who's donated so far and will still donate. We're still gladly accepting donations of canned meals or soup, cereal and peanut butter through November. Thank you again, so much!!
The boxes are ready in the front hallway for donations through the month of November. We're trying to beat our donation from last year of 310 pounds with 325 pounds. For every item of food you bring in you can put your name in a drawing for services that have been donated by some of our technicians.  The more food you bring in, the more chances you have to win a service.  
(only accepting peanut butter, cereal and canned meals.  i.e:  soups, meat)

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