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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

What IPL can do:


Hair removal
(Not Permanent - only Electrolysis is permanent)
*Hair must be dark, cannot be grey, blonde or red.
Spots and pigmented lesions (sun damage)
Anti-aging (renewing collagen):
Reduction of
fine lines and spider veins
Acne* (active and scars)
*Many services might be needed to get clients desired results.

All prices are subject to change at any time.

A series of IPL treatments may be purchased at a reduced rate (purchase 3 or more and receive 15% off). 

Who can NOT do IPL. 
If you have had:

Cancer (have to be 1 year without treatment)
Hepatitis B or C
Diabetes Type 1
Tanned Skin (spray, natural sunlight or tanning bed tans)
Photo allergy
IUD with copper (not common, most are plastic)
If you have ever taken Gold Salts (used for rheumatoid arthritis)


Hair Removal

Upper Lip $35

Hands $35

Lip & Chin $55

Jaw Line $55

Lower Face $65

Neck Area $55

Underarms $75

Half Legs $130

Full Legs $205

Full Arms $105

Bikini Area $80

Full Back $230

Partial Back $130

Chest  $205

Men & Women Brazilian $140


Acne Treatments*

Spot $30

Partial $40

Full $65


Skin Rejuvination/Photofacials

Full Face $130

Partial Face $80

Face & Neck $180

Chest $255

Hands $55

Age Spot $30



Add Microdermabrasion to an IPL service for $60.00


*Pricing may vary depending on skin conditions.

Note: Several treatments may be required.