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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

What IPL can do:


Hair removal
(Not Permanent - only Electrolysis is permanent)
*Hair must be dark, cannot be grey, blonde or red.
Spots and pigmented lesions (sun damage)
Anti-aging (renewing collagen):
Reduction of
fine lines and spider veins
Acne* (active and scars)
*Many services might be needed to get clients desired results.

All prices are subject to change at any time.

A series of IPL treatments may be purchased at a reduced rate (purchase 3 or more and receive 15% off). 

Who can NOT do IPL. 
If you have had:

Cancer (have to be 1 year without treatment)
Hepatitis B or C
Diabetes Type 1
Tanned Skin (spray, natural sunlight or tanning bed tans)
Photo allergy
If you have ever taken Gold Salts (used for rheumatoid arthritis)


Hair Removal

Upper Lip $40

Hands $40

Lip & Chin $60

Jaw Line $60

Lower Face $70

Neck Area $60

Underarms $80

Half Legs $135

Full Legs $210

Full Arms $110

Bikini Area $88

Full Back $238

Partial Back $135

Chest  $210

Men & Women Brazilian $145


Acne Treatments*

Spot $35

Partial $45

Full $70


Skin Rejuvination/Photofacials

Full Face $135

Partial Face $85

Face & Neck $185

Chest $260

Hands $60

Age Spot $35



Add Microdermabrasion to an IPL service for $63.00


*Pricing may vary depending on skin conditions.

Note: Several treatments may be required.