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Permanent Makeup

Kerry is now offering Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows and Eyeliner.


This service deposits colored pigment under the skin with a tattoo device with disposable, sterile needles for each client. Kerry uses a topical anesthetic to numb the skin so any discomfort is minimal.


Downtime is minimal. Swelling and redness will occur but most people can return to normal activities within 24hrs. A touch-up will be necessary after 6 weeks.


Results vary but can last up to a year, or as long as 8. Fading will occur depending on your skin type, exposure to sun, anti-aging products and treatments, and other factors. So periodic touch ups are required.


Free Consultations are a great way to determine if you are a proper candidate for Permanent Makeup. During this time I will do a health history to make sure you are the right candidate.

I can also do a brow mapping if you would like.


CAN DO CONSULTATION VIRTUALLY.   Call today to arrange an appointment.

The Times Record Article

Freshly done, client had previously done elsewhere and did not like color or shape. Custom mixed color better suited for skin tone and fixed shapes of brow.